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url_window_imageThese days we're all looking for ways to make the most of our money, especially when it comes to managing debt and finding the best yield on our savings. For some help, check out these websites:

www.powerpay.org. Thinking about the smartest way to manage your credit debt? This free website's Power Pay system will show you how. Simply enter the information on your bills then let the website calculate the smartest payment schedule. It will tell you how much you'll save in interest using their Power Pay system.

If you want to know how soon you can be debt free, try adding an extra payment every month and the Power Pay system will recalculate your debt to tell you how much money you'll save. This program even provides a month-by-month and year-by-year schedule to keep you on track

  • www.moneyaisle.com. If you want to find the best rates on CDs, you can now have banks bid for your deposits using this site. Compare these bids to your local bank or credit union's offerings, or go to www.bankrate.com to find the best rate.

If you need to keep your money liquid and available for emergencies, some of the best interest rates can be found from FDIC-insured internet banks. Rates change all the time, so be sure to comparison shop:


www.dollarsavingsdirect.com. An emigrant direct company, this site requires $1,000 minimum for their savings account.