The Fee-Only® Advantage


Below is a simple checklist to prepare for your financial planning appointment. You can download and print a copy here.

  • Go to this link to provide the financial information I’ll need to help you complete your financial plan.


  • Bring the last two years of tax returns to the meeting
  • Bring recent account statements and list of investments
  • Mortgage, auto leases or loans, credit cards or other debts. Bring details of amounts owed, interest rates, minimum and current payments and terms (e.g., 30-yr fixed, variable rate, etc.)
  • Please bring copies of your pay stubs to show deductions and taxes


Employer/Self-employed Benefits

  • Bring information about investment options and a recent account statement
  • A recent Social Security Benefits Estimate Statement
  • Bring information regarding coverage levels on medical benefits, flexible spending accounts/health savings accounts, and life, long-term disability and long-term care coverages
  • Bring information regarding investment options. Include any employer match on 401k



  • Coverage details for auto and home, including umbrella policy.


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