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The do's and dont's of saving money - 6/9/2017


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Financial makeover: How to plan happy retirement - 9/13/2014


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A Guide to Financial Advisor Fee Structures 2/18/14


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Moving Parents In With You

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Dollars And Sense: The Personal Finance Lessons Learned From Living Through A Pandemic - 1/28/21
Coronavirus Personal Finance with Delia Fernandez - Take Two (starts at 28:44) - 4/17/20

Wondering how to afford a home on SoCal? We've got some advice - 5/19/17

President Trump’s tax proposals and you: 4 things to know - 4/27/17

Here's some financial planning advice for Tax Day - 4/14/17: Listen to Audio | Read Transcript
Financial planners debate whether wealth management responsibilities lie with the client or the adviser - 2/2/17

How you can assess Trump's job on the economy - 1/23/17
How to trust your bank after Wells Fargo's scandal - 9/29/16

A Nation Engaged: Race and economic opportunity in Southern California - 9/22/16

You might get bigger paychecks, and other economy predictions of 2015 1/26/2015
Study: Latino investors want to learn more about investing 8/11/2014

What's the Health of the Economy in Your Own Neighborhood? 5/8/2014

A look back at the US economy's gains and losses in 2013 12/23/2013

What would happen if the US government were to default? 10/16/2013

Economic Roundtable: How is California faring five years after Lehman?

Is California's economy looking bright? - 6/12/2013

The State of the Estate - 6/18/2012


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Preparing Clients For Their Digital Afterlife During Estate Planning



The Importance of a Flexible Budget - Creating Space for Emergency Expenses


Top Five Tax Resolutions for 2011


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Why Your Credit Cards Shouldn't Retire When You Do - 6/8/2017


What to consider when investing in target date retirement funds - November 2016
How to improve your spouse's chances of a well-funded retirement - September 2016
Dented and duct-taped, old HP calculators still beloved by planners - August 2013

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Preparing for his next leap — from stunt work to cooking ventures - May 2015
Time for Trucker to Focus on his Family's Needs - January 2015
Grief counselor seeks financial healing - May 2014
Parents juggle job loss, costs of children with retirement planning - December 2013
Baby boomers should be checking, tweaking investments once a year - May 2013
Healthy savings, no debt but worried about retirement - May 2013
Nearly one-third of U.S. homeowners have no mortgage - January 10, 2013
Pursuing a dream may be worth the high cost - September 25, 2011
Couple want to save the Earth and money for their child's future, October 24, 2010
Newly single and rethinking his future
Financial Advice for a Widow, March 28, 2010
Bellflower couple aren't ready to retire, but he's lost his job, August 23, 2009
Finding a Financial Road Map, April 19, 2009
Strategy for a retired couple as home value falls, January 16, 2009
Overspending on a Six-Digit Income, April 15, 2007

AIDs Took a Toll on His Financial Health, October 14, 2007

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Financial Planner – How to Find a Good One
Selling Stock

A Few Universal Truths


Battle with cancer doesn’t deter financial goals, June 9, 2007


Straight Talk about Data Security, August 30, 2004



Single? Can you ever retire?
Should you bail out spendthrift parents?
3 Worst Money Moves You Can Make
Are Your Finances as Strong as Your Marriage?

Money Magazine
Rising out of Bankruptcy, October 1, 1996

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Great Retirements Don’t Just Happen

Real Simple magazine
Finding Money in Your Budget for Savings

Journal of Financial Planning, June, 2006. Protecting Client Data.

Wall Street Journal, August 9th, 2006
ACT ONE, Letter to the Editor re: “Are Twentysomethings Ready for Commitment to Owning Real Estate?”

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